Histological characterization of resistance and some alternative control for leaf spot disease in olive tree

F Ouerghi, A Rhouma, S Aloui, N Rassaa, I Hennachi, B Nasraoui
Journal of new sciences, Agriculture and Biotechnology   unpublished
Field trail was conducted on the reaction of four olive cultivars (Chetoui, Picholine, Arbequina and Meski) toward the leaf spot disease caused by Fusicladium oleagineum. The results showed that higher disease incidence tends to be associated with thinner cuticle (r=-0.69) and higher trichome density (r=-0.58) and diameter (r=-0.9) of the infected plant. Glasshouse experiments were, then, carried out to study the effects of nitrogen and potassium fertilizing post-inoculation treatment and two
more » ... treatment and two antitranspirants (Linseed oil and Vapor Guard) pre-inoculation spray on leaf spot disease incidence on susceptible olive variety, cv. Meski. Results showed that potassium treatment and the Linseed oil 7% or Vapor Gard 3% spray reduced significantly the disease incidence by means of 67% and 80%, respectively.