Energy Spectra and Wave Function Analysis of q-Deformed Modified Poschl-Teller and Hyperbolic Scarf II Potentials Using NU Method and a Mapping Method

A Suparmi
2013 Advances in Physics Theories and Applications  
The solution of Schrodinger equations for q-deformed modified Poschl-Teller and hyperbolic Scarf II potentials are investigated using Nikiforov-Uvarov method and a mapping method. By applying a translation of spatial variable non-deformed potentials are mapped on to deformed potential or vice versa and as a product the potential's parameters scaling obtained. The bound state energy spectra obtained using NU method are given in the close form and the corresponding wave functions are formulated
more » ... ns are formulated in terms of the Jacobi Polynomials. The energy spectra and the radial wave functions of the system are also produced by a mapping using potential's parameters scaling from the non-deformed to the deformed potential.
doi:10.7176/apta-16-8 fatcat:2vbhqmncffeh7go6rydngqtk5m