Remediation Of Mercury Contaminated Soil By Bacillus Sp, And Pseudomonas Sp, Isolated From Rhizosphere Soil

S Maheswari
Bacillus Sp, and Pseudomonas Sp., is isolated from rhizosphere soil which has the potential to remove mercury from soil. Bacillus Sp, and Pseudomonas Sp, shows the maximum biosorption of Hg(II) ions was obtained at pH -5 and 6 respectively. The remediation of mercury contaminated soil is studied by addition of nutrient source such as carbon (0.15 -0.85 g l -1 ), nitrogen (0.25 -1.05 g l -1 ) and phosphate (0.10 -0.30 g l -1 ) to the medium. The effect of ionic strength on Bacillus Sp, and
more » ... monas Sp, is optimized by NaCl ranges from 0.10 to 0.30%. The growth profile of mixed cultures in mercury contaminated soil is found to be 1642 cells ml -1 after 6 days. The mercury adsorption potential of mixed cultures in the contaminated soil is found to be 60.10% after 6 days at pH -6 and temperature 35° C. This research indicates that the isolated resistant strains have an important role in adsorption of mercury from the contaminated soil.