Higher education's outcomes-based education: Bane or boon?

Genesis Gregorious Genelza
2022 West African Journal of Educational Sciences and Practice  
Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) encompasses the learning, awareness, abilities, and viewpoints that students should learn to attain their successful and satisfying life cycles as human beings, members of society, and at employment. However, OBE has recently become a topic of debate and controversy. Some critics consider this educational approach ineffective, while others see it as solution to a country's educational problems. In this context, it is important to consider the nature of
more » ... ed education and the challenges that come with its implementation in the Philippines. Rather than criticizing the notions associated with it, this paper focuses on such a reflection. The paper introduces several important notions (both good and bad) in Outcomes-Based Education and recommends methods in which these concepts may perhaps be studied further. This paper is not purposed to negate the system nor to agree with the sets of standards embedded in this kind of system in Philippine education but to establish awareness on how this system works. But if OBE will be a miracle cure in the Philippines (or a plague to the country), Filipinos must play their part in order to achieve the ideal goals since they are the ones who are greatly affected either way.
doi:10.57040/wajesp.v1i1.206 fatcat:zahy4sh6n5awlibgffkvo34z2i