Polarimetry and Schlieren diagnostics of underwater exploding wires

A. V. Fedotov-Gefen, Ya. E. Krasik
2009 Journal of Applied Physics  
Nondisturbing laser-probing polarimetry ͑based on the Faraday and Kerr effects͒ and Schlieren diagnostics were used in the investigation of underwater electrical wire explosion. Measuring the polarization plane rotation angle of a probing laser beam due to the Faraday effect allows one to determine an axially resolved current flowing through the exploding wire, unlike commonly used current probes. This optical method of measuring current yields results that match those obtained using a current
more » ... ed using a current viewing resistor within an accuracy of 10%. The same optical setup allows simultaneous space-resolved measurement of the electric field using the Kerr effect. It was shown that the maximal amplitude of the electric field in the vicinity of the high-voltage electrode is ϳ80 kV/ cm and that the radial electric field is Ͻ1 MV/ cm during the wire explosion. Finally, it was shown that the use of Schlieren diagnostics allows one to obtain qualitatively the density distribution behind the shock wave front, which is important for the determination of the energy transfer from the discharge channel to the generated water flow.
doi:10.1063/1.3255825 fatcat:rp2f4eerpvc5fdkjob23gsdcz4