rf-SQUID measurements of anomalous Josephson effect [article]

Claudio Guarcello, Roberta Citro, Ofelia Durante, F. Sebastián Bergeret, Andrea Iorio, Cristina Sanz-Fernández, Elia Strambini, Francesco Giazotto, Alessandro Braggio
2020 arXiv   pre-print
We discuss the response of an rf-SQUID formed by anomalous Josephson junctions embedded in a superconducting ring with a non-negligible inductance. We demonstrate that a properly sweeping in-plane magnetic field can cause both the total flux and the current circulating in the device to modulate and to behave hysteretically. The bistable response of the system is analyzed as a function of the anomalous phase shift at different values of the screening parameter, in order to highlight the
more » ... range within which a hysteretic behavior can be observed. The magnetic flux piercing the SQUID ring is demonstrated to further modulate the hysteretical response of the system. Moreover, we show that the anomalous phase shift can be conveniently determined through the measurement of the out-of-plane magnetic field at which the device switches to the voltage state and the number of trapped flux quanta changes. Finally, we compare the response of two different device configurations, namely, a SQUID including only one or two anomalous junctions. In view of these results, the proposed device can be effectively used to detect and measure the anomalous Josephson effect.
arXiv:2001.07621v1 fatcat:iobtvrdpezdy3l6e2n6bptf5uy