Referentiality and incompletive reading in Mandarin

Anqi Zhang
2018 Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America  
As an exception to Krifka's (1989) famous generalization that a quantized incremental theme always induces an event-homomorphic completive reading, Singh (1991, 1998) observes that in Hindi only the quantized mass noun phrases as the incremental theme entails a completive reading, but unexpectedly quantized count nouns phrases can have an incompletive reading. She proposes that count nouns can introduce a partial thematic relation, whereas mass nouns introduce a total thematic relation. With
more » ... data in Mandarin, instead of the mass/count distinction, I argue that referentiality is the crucial factor because the non-culmination readings are only felicitous with the referential objects for consumption verbs in Mandarin.
doi:10.3765/plsa.v3i1.4338 fatcat:ju7t7srhcrbf7bvkibc2kjzd4e