Mechanism of Nanobubble Formation in Water on a Hydrophobic Surface
Механізм виникнення нанобульбашок у воді на гідрофобній поверхні

L.A. Bulavin, P. Kekicheff, V.M. Sysoev, N.L. Sheiko
2014 Ukrainian Journal of Physics  
A possibility for nuclei of a new phase to emerge in the form of nanobubbles in water contacting with a hydrophobic surface (the "vapor-liquid" phase transition) at temperatures significantly lower than the ordinary phase transition temperature is discussed. A new mechanism has been proposed to explain this temperature reduction; namely, the repulsive forces significantly increase the chemical potential of the molecules in the liquid phase near the hydrophobic surface in comparison with that in
more » ... the gas phase. The corresponding estimates show that, at the normal atmospheric pressure, the phase transition temperature can be shifted by about 50 K.
doi:10.15407/ujpe59.01.0095 fatcat:iennyvefmvel7asxyymko73xba