Experimental control and data analysis system by multitask operating system and general purpose interface bus

1987 Japanese Journal of Physiological Psychology and Psychophysiology  
In order to facilitate the documentation of EEG recording during long periods of measurement such as sleep, a system for experimental control and analysis of data is developed. It consists of a personal computer system, which operates under the multi-task and realtime operating system, an EEG machine, an FM tape recorder and other instruments.(Fig. 1 ) The EEG machine and the tape recorder are connected to the computer with General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB), which allows easy and automated
more » ... eration of them with simple programs. Main features of this system are as follows : 1) Before experiment, it can automatically set up the characteristics of the EEG amplifiers, a montage and a tape speed of the tape recorder. 2) During experiment, it picks up ID-codes of the tape recorder in a serial number at every 30 second, and marks them on the recording paper to let tape recordings match with paper recordings. If any modifications of the montage and the chracteristics of the EEG amplifiers were made, the history of those is stored on the floppy disk with the ID-code and the time. 3) After experiment, this system can also control the tape recorder from the computer and makes it possible to locate any desired point in the magnetic recording by means of the ID-code marked on the paper recording. This system helps to save experimener's labor, especially when only a small number of staff is available, and to increase the reliability of measurement as well.
doi:10.5674/jjppp1983.5.129 fatcat:o5h3x65thvdbrm2pco5knxvmp4