First observation of the φ→π+π−γ decay

R.R. Akhmetshin, E.V. Anashkin, M. Arpagaus, V.M. Aulchenko, V.S. Banzarov, L.M. Barkov, N.S. Bashtovoy, A.E. Bondar, D.V. Bondarev, A.V. Bragin, D.V. Chernyak, A.S. Dvoretsky (+41 others)
1999 Physics Letters B  
Radiative decays of the ϕ meson have been studied using a data sample of about 20 million ϕ decays collected by the CMD-2 detector at VEPP-2M collider in Novosibirsk. From selected e^+e^-→π^+π^-γ events the ϕ→π^+π^-γ decay has been observed for the first time. Under the assumption that the intermediate f_0(980)γ state dominates in the ϕ→π^+π^-γ decay, the corresponding branching ratio is Br(ϕ→ f_0(980)γ)=(1.93± 0.46± 0.50)×10^-4. Selected e^+e^-→μ^+μ^-γ events were used to obtain Br(ϕ→μ^+μ^-γ)
more » ... (1.43± 0.45± 0.14)×10^-5 for E_γ>20 MeV. Using the same data sample, upper limits at 90 have been obtained for the C-violating decay of the ϕ: Br(ϕ→ργ) < 1.2×10^-5; and for the P- and CP-violating decay of the η: Br(η→π^+π^-) < 3.3×10^-4.
doi:10.1016/s0370-2693(99)00919-3 fatcat:3hdig7molve7nnnyyddul5mi3y