Effect of Industrial Heat Treatment and Barrel Finishing on the Mechanical Performance of Ti6Al4V Processed by Selective Laser Melting

Filippo Nalli, Luana Bottini, Alberto Boschetto, Luca Cortese, Francesco Veniali
2020 Applied Sciences  
Additive manufacturing is now capable of delivering high-quality, complex-shaped metallic components. The titanium alloy Ti6Al4V is an example of a printable metal being broadly used for advanced structural applications. A sound characterization of static mechanical properties of additively manufactured material is crucial for its proper application, and here specifically for Ti6Al4V. This includes a complete understanding of the influence of postprocess treatment on the material behavior,
more » ... rial behavior, which has not been reached yet. In the present paper, the postprocess effects of surface finish and heat treatment on the mechanical performance of Ti6Al4V after selective laser melting were investigated. Some samples were subjected to barrel finishing at two different intensities, while different sets of specimens underwent several thermal cycles. As a reference, a control group of specimens was included, which did not undergo any postprocessing. The treatments were selected to be effective and easy to perform, being suitable for real industrial applications. Tensile tests were performed on all the samples, to obtain yield stress, ultimate tensile strength and elongation at fracture. The area reduction of the barrel-finished samples, after being tested, was measured by using a 3D scanner, as a further indication of ductility. Experimental results are reported and discussed, highlighting the effect of postprocessing treatments on the mechanical response. We then propose the optimal postprocessing procedure to enhance ductility without compromising strength, for structures manufactured from Ti6Al4V with selective laser melting.
doi:10.3390/app10072280 fatcat:jdrlobrkjzamfimvapwlmvp2ae