Editors East Asian Science, Technology, and
1977 East Asian Science, Technology, and Medicine  
lntro<luctim 'l11is ls the scconJ issue of Cliinas8 Sclen~, but the first devoted to subject rn.1t_tcr rather tlum to sci,olars. 11,e iJUJugurnl issue was a Jircctory of ncnrly flfty people in Eurorc, /i.JJstrnlasi.a, nn<l the United Stntcs working in the primary sOJrccs o[ 01incsc science, tccJmo)CJ~Y, nnd mc<licine. A similar directory of sd1olnrs rcsicJent in Asia wUl appear i.n No. 3 or 4. Which it will be < on whether n.-Jrc time is nee<led to bri11g together the rcmni.ning
more » ... ]s for the directory, or to CCJTlflile the next grcup of studies that mecl the stan< of Chinese Sc1011ce.
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