Influences of 1-methylcyclopropene containing-papers on the metabolisms of membrane lipids in Anxi persimmons during storage

Hui Wang, Guo Chen, Lili Shi, Hetong Lin, Yihui Chen, Yifen Lin, Zhongqi Fan
2020 Food Quality and Safety  
Objectives The aim of this work was to analyze the effects of 1-methylcyclopropene treatment on metabolisms of membrane lipids in postharvest Anxi persimmons during storage. Materials and methods Anxi persimmon (Diospyros kaki L. f. cv. Anxi) fruit were treated by paper containing 1-methylcyclopropene with a concentration of 1.35 μL/L. The cellular membrane permeability was analyzed by electric conductivity meter. The activities of lipoxygenase (LOX), phospholipase (PLD), and lipase were
more » ... lipase were determined by spectrophotometry. The component and relative amounts of membrane fatty acids were determined using gas chromatograph (GC). Results The 1-MCP treated Anxi persimmons manifested a lower electrolyte leakage rate, lower LOX, PLD and lipase activities, higher levels of unsaturated fatty acids (USFAs), higher ratio of USFAs to saturated fatty acids (SFAs) (U/S), higher index of USFAs (IUFA), but lower levels of SFAs. Conclusions The degradation and the metabolisms of membrane lipids could be suppressed by 1-MCP treatment, which might be account for the delaying softening of postharvest Anxi persimmons during storage.
doi:10.1093/fqsafe/fyaa021 fatcat:7giykxoff5cwrnjfs7wra5d4wm