Applicability of image analysis of neurons and neuroglia of fundus striati using cell profiler software

Vasudha Kulkarni, Ramesh BR
2018 MOJ Anatomy & Physiology  
Analysis of volumetric and morphological neuronal data has been of keen interest to neurologists and neuroscientists because of its implications in pathological conditions such as schizophrenia, autism, obsessive compulsive disorder etc. One such part of human brain which has been explored in recent years is fundus striati, a part of basal ganglia bridging caudate nucleus and putamen. A versatile technique to measure neurons of fundus striati is the use of Cell profiler software. The present
more » ... dy was undertaken to study and analyze images of fundus striati using cell profiler as an automated image analysis technique. A qualitative cross sectional study was done using eighty one images of histological sections of hematoxylin and eosin stained 8µ thick tissue sections of fundus striati. Freely downloadable Cell Profiler software was installed, specific pipeline for neuronal assay was drawn, and modules were used to analyze images. Neuronal nuclei were identified as primary objects and cytoplasm was identified by the software as secondary objects. Using specific modules, neurons and branching points of their neurites in images of fundus striati were measured in pixel units. Mean Intensity units of neurons of fundus striati as measured by intensity module of Cell profiler was 17.916 pixel units. Results of the present study can be extrapolated to correlate with pathological conditions associated with emotional and behavioral disorders involving fundus striati. Cell profiler is cost effective software which is beneficial to identify and measure neurons of fundus striati.
doi:10.15406/mojap.2018.05.00201 fatcat:u3hvi3wczre4zbpgwovxuq6msy