Antibody responses and interferon titers in the respiratory tracts of mice after aerosolized exposure to influenza virus

Y C Zee, J W Osebold, W M Dotson
1979 Infection and Immunity  
We studied the temporal appearance of immunoglobulins (immunoglobulins G1, G2, M, and A) and interferon in lung savage fluids of mice after aerosol exposure to influenza virus in six animal groups in which mortality rates ranged from 0 to 24%. Immunoglobulin levels in the lung lavage fluids were markedly higher in mouse groups with higher mortality rates (16, 20, and 24%) than in those with low mortality rates 40, 2.5, and 7.5%). Analysis of serum albumin in the 202 on May 7, 2020 by guest
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doi:10.1128/iai.25.1.202-207.1979 fatcat:vjeomkzpr5enbcg6o2d26surqa