Study on Hot Gases Flow in Case of Fire in a Road Tunnel [post]

Aleksander Król, Małgorzata Król
2018 unpublished
This paper presents the results of hot smoke tests, conducted in a real road tunnel. The tunnel is located within the expressway S69 in southern Poland between cities Żywiec and Zwardoń. Its common name is Laliki tunnel. It is a bi-directional non-urban tunnel. The length of the tunnel is 678 m and it is inclined by 4%. It is equipped with the longitudinal ventilation system. Two hot smoke tests have been carried out according to Australian Standard AS 4391-1999. Hot smoke tests corresponded to
more » ... a HRR (Heat Release Rate) equal to respectively 750 kW and 1500 kW. The fire source was located in the middle of the road lane imitating an initial phase of a car fire (respectively 150 m and 265 m from S portal). The temperature distribution was recorded during both tests using a set of fourteen thermocouples mounted at two stand poles located at the main axis of the tunnel on windward. The stand poles were placed at distances of 5 m and 10 m. The recorded data were applied to validate of a numerical model built and solved using Ansys Fluent. The calculated temperature distribution matched the measured values.
doi:10.20944/preprints201801.0264.v1 fatcat:ds7h777b4jhubliobbbbrfspmm