Development of a pre-chamber for ultra-lean operation of gasoline engines [post]

Christof SCHERNUS, Knut Habermann, Bastian Morcinkowski, Christoph Müller, Tolga Uhlmann
2020 unpublished
velopment of a pre-chamber for ultra-lean operation of gasoline engines. Abstract Combustion engines in hybridized powertrains continue to require further reductions in fuel consumption and emissions. Lean operation represents a major step towards increasing gasoline engine efficiency. Here, prechamber jet ignition offers the potential to assure a reliable ignition and combustion process. This paper describes the development of such a system. Numerical approaches allow for an efficient
more » ... efficient development process of the prechamber layout. Thus, the pre-chamber geometry is thoroughly optimized with respect to the combustion quality. Based thereupon, different pre-chamber layouts were experimentally evaluated. Optical investigations serve to conclude on burn rate and particulate emissions. Having found a specific layout to achieve stable combustion (COV<1.5%) for lean (λ > 3) operation and specific NOx emissions below 0.1 g/kWh a synthesis of all findings serves to define the final concept. The resulting combustion system offers high efficiencies in the entire engine map and thus excellent conditions for further improving the fuel consumption.
doi:10.26226/morressier.5e4fe9be6bc493207536f6ac fatcat:x3pme6365ngdfp62fjbildg4q4