Aggregation of thermostatically controlled loads for flexibility markets [article]

Joseba Jimeno, Nerea Ruiz, Carlos Madina, University, My, University, My
This paper presents a tool for an aggregator of thermostatically controlled loads (TCLs) to optimally combine their flexibilities into a few representative bids to be submitted to flexibility markets. The tool employs a "bottom-up" approach based on physical end-use load models, being the individual flexibility of each individual TCL simulated with a second-order thermal model describing the dynamics of the house. The approach is based on a direct load control (DLC) of thermostat temperature
more » ... stat temperature set-point by the aggregator. End-users receive an economic compensation in exchange for the loss of comfort. The applicability of the proposed model is demonstrated in a simulation case study based on an actual power system in Spain.
doi:10.34890/654 fatcat:sjbktajqxvazdd7lqlrb4tspxa