Partial Feedback Linearizing Model Predictive Controllers for Multiple Photovoltaic Units Connected to Grids through a Point of Common Coupling

Tahsin Orchi, Md Mahmud, Amanullah Oo
2018 Electronics  
In this paper, partial feedback linearizing model predictive controllers are designed for grid-connected systems comprising multiple photovoltaic (PV) units where these units are connected through a point of common coupling (PCC). The proposed controllers are designed for voltage source inverters (VSIs) based on comprehensive dynamical models of grid-connected PV systems with the proposed topology. The proposed partial feedback linearization scheme decouples multiple PV units in the forms of
more » ... in the forms of several reduced-order subsystems and enables linear controller design through the linear continuous-time receding horizon model predictive control scheme. The proposed partial feedback linearization scheme also considers dynamic interactions among multiple PV units as external noises or disturbances and decouples these noises. This paper includes the noise decoupling capability of the partial feedback linearization for grid-connected PV systems with multiple PV units which are connected through a PCC. Simulation results clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed scheme under different operating conditions as compared to an existing proportional integral controller.
doi:10.3390/electronics7090175 fatcat:pj7j7jj4unaqtl75b5ubjrr454