Faithful replication of grating patterns in polymer through electrohydrodynamic instabilities

H Li, W Yu, T Wang, H Zhang, Y Cao, E Abraham, M P Y Desmulliez
2014 Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering  
Electrohydrodynamic instability patterning (EHDIP) as an alternative patterning method has attracted a great deal of attention over the past decade. This article demonstrates the faithful transfer of patterns with a high aspect ratio onto a polymer film via electrohydrodynamic instabilities for a given patterned grating mask. We perform a simple mathematical analysis to determine the influence of process parameters on the pressure difference ∆P. Through numerical simulation, it is demonstrated
more » ... it is demonstrated that thick films subject to large electric fields are essential to realize this faithful replication. In particular, the influence of the material properties of the polymer on pattern replication is discussed in detail. It is found that, to achieve the smaller periodic patterns with a higher resolution, film with a larger value of the dielectric constant and smaller value of the surface tension should be chosen. In addition, an ideal replication of the mask pattern with a short evolution time is possible by reducing the viscosity of the polymer liquid. Finally, the experiments of the pattern replication with and without defects are demonstrated to compare with the numerical simulation results. It is found that experiments are in good agreement with the simulation results and prove that the numerical simulation method provides an effective way to predict faithful replication.
doi:10.1088/0960-1317/24/7/075006 fatcat:ayptvefg6bg5xk2q3r5shfu3g4