A Value Sensitive Design Investigation of Privacy Enhancing Tools in Web Browsers

Heng Xu, Robert E. Crossler, France Bélanger
2012 Decision Support Systems  
Privacy concern has been identified as a major factor hindering the growth of e-business. Recently, various privacy-enhancing tools (PETs) have been proposed to protect the online privacy of Internet users. However, most of these PETs have been designed using an ad hoc approach rather than a systematic design. In this paper, we present an exploratory investigation of an end-use PET using a Value Sensitive Design approach. We propose an integrated design of a Privacy Enhancing Support System
more » ... S) with three proposed tools, namely privacy-enhancing search feature (PESearch), privacy-enhancing control for personal data (PEControl), and privacy-enhancing review for sharing the ratings and reviews of websites' privacy practices (PEReview). This system could enhance the interactivity of Internet users' privacy experiences, increase users' control perceptions over their personal information, and reduce their privacy concerns. An empirical evaluation of PESearch, PEControl, and PEReview revealed that novices felt the most important aspect of the tools for downloading and usage intentions was its usefulness; most experts felt the tool met the design principles as specified. (F. Bélanger). 1 Tel.: +1 662 325 0288. 2 Tel.: +1 540 231 6720. 3 When examining PETs, it is important to realize that the spectrum of systems and techniques mentioned above cover two extremes of control over PETs, with enterpriselevel customer information protection at one end [27, 28, 70] and individual PETs at the other end [7, 10, 21, 29, 39, 64] . Because it has been found that end-user PETs help reduce consumers' privacy concerns and increase consumer trust on vendors [23], we focus in this study on the design of individual PETs from the end-user perspective. 0167-9236/$see front matter
doi:10.1016/j.dss.2012.06.003 fatcat:kmjritwfkbdj7g7nwytdd5bj3e