A 500-mb/s soft-output viterbi decoder

Engling Yeo, S.A. Augsburger, W.R. Davis, B. Nikolic
2003 IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits  
Two eight-state 7-bit soft-output Viterbi decoders matched to an EPR4 channel and a rate-8/9 convolutional code are implemented in a 0.18-m CMOS technology. The throughput of the decoders is increased through architectural transformation of the add-compare-select recursion, with a small area overhead. The survivor-path decoding logic of a conventional Viterbi decoder register exchange is adapted to detect the two most likely paths. The 4-mm 2 chip has been verified to decode at 500 Mb/s with
more » ... -V supply. These decoders can be used as constituent decoders for Turbo codes in high-performance applications requiring information rates that are very close to the Shannon limit.
doi:10.1109/jssc.2003.813250 fatcat:ftaulni5gbeiriikyhqvznhzsi