V. Abrakitov, P. Bilym, S. Nesterenko, A. Rogozin
2019 Komunalʹne Gospodarstvo Mìst  
Recent research has shown that city noise has a negative impact on human health. Noise maps have been widely used in recent years and are used to visualize the noise regime of territories. When constructing such noise maps, lines of the same sound level connect those points on the terrain plan, where quantitatively equal decibel values are recorded. However, such a picture, as well as having a good time in the two-dimensional expanse, in the area, it is not enough to precisely identify the
more » ... aries of the zones of acoustic discomfort, which may cause a trivial vimir. Spacious pictures to noise can be a large number of spacious figures, which can show the standard sound for the objects in the highest noise in the decimal areas (three open spaces), the base must be left open, open, vimіr is a hang over the surface of ґrunt. Vicoristuyu described in the robot model, vrakhovuychi characteristics of the direct soundness of the energy and noise, there is the ability to computerize the process of awakening sound fields in the vast expanse. The presence of trim models also significantly increases the accuracy of noise maps. To gain a spacious picture of dzherel noise, the technique described in the robot is to be heard. To evaluate the noise clutter in the territory of the center of Kharkiv metro station, in the capacity of the butt, the bull was inspired by the 3D model of the given data from the specifications of the features of the rel. Keywords: ArcGIS 3D model, noise map, model, noise.
doi:10.33042/2522-1809-2019-6-152-214-218 fatcat:2l5ftb2f2jar5lqatr43ettw7q