Analysis of 6Li+16O elastic scattering using different potentials

Sh. Hamada, B. Alshahrani, Abd Elrahman Elgamala, N. Darwish, I. Bondouk, Awad A. Ibraheem
2020 Revista mexicana de física  
Available experimental angular distributions for 6Li elastically scattered from 16O nucleus in the energy range 13.0–50.0 MeV are reanalyzed within the framework of optical potential, double folding optical potential as well as cluster folding potential. Special interest was paid to the cluster folding based on the well-known cluster structure of 6Li. Elastic scattering data for 6Li+16O system plotted as a function of momentum transfer showed that the real Coulomb nuclear interference region
more » ... ependent of the bombarding energy. This structural behavior for the data could be used to define the interaction potential with some certainty and to extract reliable values for the renormalization factors.
doi:10.31349/revmexfis.66.322 fatcat:tsrzr3wrpfevngst42ppdpldda