The 'timely' development of Rexin-G: First targeted injectable gene vector (Review)

2009 International Journal of Oncology  
In an age where we can i) know precisely where a misplaced automobile resides by its global positioning, ii) send mechanistic probes to Mars with pinpoint accuracy, iii) calculate exactly how many mutations are required to create (i.e., to transform) a cancer cell, and iv) determine how many fewer genes it takes to develop a human being than it does a rice plant, it is difficult to fathom the previously unanswered question: 'Whatever happened to the promise and potential of cancer gene
more » ... This review answers that question with a resounding clinical dénouement. In addition, it provides a 'Cooks tour' of applied molecular genetics and nanotechnology as these fields relate to the development of Rexin-G the world's first tumor-targeted genetic medicine to be fully validated in the clinic. The commentary will expose certain fallacies and ideologies that have retarded the progress of cancer gene therapy as it advances our instruments and understanding of the finespun fabric of our nature.
doi:10.3892/ijo_00000332 fatcat:fk4sarvderahfpbdwr6wky5opm