Three-dimensional face-centered-cubic photonic crystal templates by laser holography: fabrication, optical characterization, and band-structure calculations

Yu. V. Miklyaev, D. C. Meisel, A. Blanco, G. von Freymann, K. Busch, W. Koch, C. Enkrich, M. Deubel, M. Wegener
2003 Applied Physics Letters  
We fabricate three-dimensional photoresist templates by means of laser holography. In particular, fcc structures are achieved by placing a specially designed "prism" onto the photoresist surface. This solves the problem of previous work, in which the refraction at the air-photoresist interface made it impossible to obtain the required angles of the light wave vectors inside the photoresist. The photoresist templates are characterized by scanning electron microscopy as well as by optical
more » ... by optical transmission spectroscopy, which agree well with numerical band-structure calculations.
doi:10.1063/1.1557328 fatcat:c2bsyl7f3fbsxhcyiezx5ymexy