Computational Intelligence in the Context of Industry 4.0 [chapter]

Alexander Hošovský, Ján Piteľ, Monika Trojanová, Kamil Židek
2021 Implementing Industry 4.0 in SMEs  
AbstractIndustry 4.0 is affecting almost every area of the industry, and as a result of its effects, systems, technologies, and the way information is processed are being transformed. Its typical feature is transmission of information in the system environment provided by the Internet of Things. All information should be stored and shared through cloud computing. As a result, access to information should be unrestricted. This chapter is focused on Computational Intelligence (CI) in the context
more » ... f Industry 4.0. Each subchapter provides fundamentals of some paradigms, followed by the use of CI in the concrete paradigm. The ending part of the chapter is focused on connecting theory and practice in a case study, which lists industrial parts recognition by convolutional neural networks for assisted assembly.
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-70516-9_2 fatcat:3bgkvenwcvcqvnlfmhmjeoyury