Achieving Superosseointegration: The Photofunctionalization Effect

Yassir Abdelrahman Hag Elkhidir, Yang Cheng
2017 Dentistry  
Osseointegration is the backbone of successful implant stability. Biological ageing of titanium implants decreases its bioactivity leading to less bone to implant contact. Ultraviolet photofunctionalization reverses the ageing process, increases the bone-implant contact to almost 100% in what is known as "Superosseointegration", and therefore increasing the strength and the primary stability of implants while decreasing the healing time. Photofunctionalization was shown to improve the
more » ... decreased morbidity and to have a significant impact on clinical practice. The aim of this review is to explain the events on the molecular level, the clinical implications of photofunctionalization and to highlight some of the other applications associated with this new technology.
doi:10.4172/2161-1122.1000435 fatcat:yh5css5mzjfszhvaebyj6tmr2q