Determination of heterojunction band offsets between CdS bulk and PbS quantum dots using photoelectron spectroscopy

Khagendra P. Bhandari, Hyekyoung Choi, Sohee Jeong, Hasitha Mahabaduge, Randy J. Ellingson
2014 Applied Physics Letters  
Photoelectron spectroscopy was used to measure the energy discontinuity in the valence band (DE V ) of a CdS/PbS quantum dot (QD) heterojunction for which the PbS QD layer was deposited using solution based layer-by-layer dip coating method on top of RF magnetron sputtered CdS. A value of DE V ¼ 1.73 eV was obtained using the Cd 3d and Pb 4f energy levels as references. Given the band gap energies of the CdS and PbS-QD layers, the conduction band offset DE C was determined to be 0.71 eV. V C
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