Hierarchical decentralized observer design for linearly coupled network systems

Takayuki Ishizaki, Yukihiro Sakai, Kenji Kashima, Jun-ichi Imura
2011 IEEE Conference on Decision and Control and European Control Conference  
This paper proposes a novel type of decentralized observers for a network system, where identical linear subsystems are interconnected. For this system, we derive a state-space model with block-triangular structure, in which the dynamics of the interaction among the subsystems and the dynamics of each subsystem are decoupled. Based on the decoupled model, we design a hierarchical decentralized observer, where a kind of centralized observer estimates coarse information on interaction among the
more » ... bsystems and a decentralized observer estimates the state of each subsystem. Furthermore, we derive a necessary and sufficient condition of the observability for the decentralized estimation under applying the hierarchical decentralized observer.
doi:10.1109/cdc.2011.6161043 dblp:conf/cdc/IshizakiSKI11 fatcat:t2gvyaei7ngt7box3uwvihrqce