Small and Low Side Lobe Beam-forming Antenna Composed of Narrow Spaced Patch Antennas for Wireless Sensor Networks

Yosuke Sato, Shuzo Kato
In order to reduce sensor node power consumption and interference, high gain antennas are required for the base station (BS) but this means multiple BS antennas are required for 360° area coverage. A high gain beam-forming antenna is the key to base stations covering "spotty service areas" more effectively and reducing interference, especially in the ISM bands. To solve the size and side lobe issues of conventional beam-forming antennas, this paper proposes the "narrowly spaced" patch antenna
more » ... ed" patch antenna array. The measured performance of a prototype confirms that while being 2/3 rds smaller than conventional antennas, it has lower side lobe levels (-20dBc) and high antenna gain (10dBi).