Subodh Kumar .
2015 International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology  
In Secondary Steel Making, RH Degasser is one of the most important unit for the purification of liquid steel from the undesirable trapped gases like O 2 , CO 2, H 2 etc. It works on the principle of Server's Law. In this unit, snorkel is one of the bottom part of RH Vessel through which liquid steel enters into the vessel and gets degassed. Due to which snorkel inner lining gets eroded. To avoid wear and tear of the snorkel refractory lining. The gunning mass (refractory material) is used to
more » ... ray manually at the tip and the outer portion of the snorkel at a distance of approx 2 meter away from the snorkel with the help of nozzle of spray gunning machine. This leads to waste of approx 40 % of refractory material. The purpose of the present work is to design and analysis of automated spray gun for RH Degasser Vessel. This gunning machine will spray the gunning mass in the inner portion of the snorkel which reduces the wear and tear of the inner snorkel lining. Hence the life of the snorkel will increase. It also saves high material loss. For this design the material selected is SS310/SS310 because of its high temperature resistance properties and good weldability. It also has good ductile property The present work is focused on the 3D & 2D Modeling, Feasibility Check of the model and Stress Analysis on the ANSYS12.0. It also focus on the cost saving and the safe working environment
doi:10.15623/ijret.2015.0412037 fatcat:iehmvhyw65foxh6fip4lelchpu