Differences of genetic variation based on isozymes of primary and secondary metabolism in Quercus petraea

A Zanetto, A Kremer, T Labbé
1993 Annales des Sciences Forestieres  
— The genetic variation among 18 populations of Q petraea was investigated, by studying the variability of 6 enzyme-coding loci. The populations were distributed over the range of the species. Three of the enzymes studied are involved in the primary metabolism (group I), while the remaining 3 are part of the secondary metabolism (group II). With respect to enzymes of group I, populations from the western part of the range showed higher observed and expected heterozygosities than eastern and
more » ... eme southern populations. Differentiation among populations was low; G st valallozyme / hétérozygotie / différenciation génétique / Q petraea *
doi:10.1051/forest:19930724 fatcat:ad77d7cfcnfzljejs6usczwfgm