Diffusion in a crowded environment

Duccio Fanelli, Alan J. McKane
2010 Physical Review E  
We analyze a pair of diffusion equations which are derived in the infinite system--size limit from a microscopic, individual--based, stochastic model. Deviations from the conventional Fickian picture are found which ultimately relate to the depletion of resources on which the particles rely. The macroscopic equations are studied both analytically and numerically, and are shown to yield anomalous diffusion which does not follow a power law with time, as is frequently assumed when fitting data
more » ... such phenomena. These anomalies are here understood within a consistent dynamical picture which applies to a wide range of physical and biological systems, underlining the need for clearly defined mechanisms which are systematically analyzed to give definite predictions.
doi:10.1103/physreve.82.021113 pmid:20866781 fatcat:tl25hmgtcndkroli67xcsxm5ge