Broadening Middle-School Students' Images of Science and Scientists

Diandra L. Leslie-Pelecky, Gayle A. Buck, Angela Zabawa
2004 Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings  
ABSTRACTThe 'mad scientist' stereotype is alive and well – and not an image most K-12 students can (or want to) embrace. Project Fulcrum, a National Science Foundation-funded GK-12 program, partners math, science and engineering graduate students with elementary and middle-level teachers. One project goal – broadening student images of science and scientists –is addressed by projects developed by the teacher/scientist teams that are focused on the specific needs of their students. The projects
more » ... eveloped focus on scientists, the use of science in different types of jobs, and developing scientific skills. Pre-project research, in which teachers probe the motivation behind their students' attitudes, is a critical component of developing a successful project. Although determining the specific impact of this project on student attitudes is complicated by its being part of a larger project, teachers and scientists report enhanced awareness of student attitudes and the reasons underlying those attitudes, and generated ideas to address those motivations.
doi:10.1557/proc-861-pp5.5 fatcat:7x6ooml2j5fw7dnqzlr5xcm6uy