Oleh Shobirin
Zakat means blessing, grow, clean and good. the expected tithe heart, his soul and his wealth will be clean. Law No. 38 of 1999 on the management of zakat, it regulates the implementation, monitoring, collection and dissemination and utilization of zakat. This law does not restrict the text explicitly only as zakat of gold and silver, trade, agriculture, mining, rikaz but also charity and service revenue. In accordance with the MUI No. 3 of 2003 which requires the zakat income or profession. ,
more » ... he legal basis for such charity; (Q.S Al-Baqarah: 43). Compulsory zakat: independence, Islam, puberty, understanding, property is property that must Zakat, has reached nishab property, property owned, have passed one year, no debt, exceeding staples, property obtained by good and lawful and grow. While the legal conditions zakat; muzakki intentions and the transfer of ownership of muzakki to mustahiq. Profession means jobs. Various professions kasb al-charity, which works well for someone else to make the government, companies, and individuals to obtain wage, granted, hand, brain or both. Incomes in the form of wages, salary or honorarium, such as civil servants, private employees and staff of the company, and Mihan al-hurray, the work done on their own without depending on others, thanks to the dexterity of the hand or brain, his income is income professionals, such as doctors, engineers, lawyers, artists, and others. Zakat Profession zakah is imposed on the income of each job or professional expertise, whether it is done alone or carried out jointly with the people / institutions that can generate revenue (money) that meet nishab (the minimum limit of treasures to be tithe). Socialization from the government and related clerical profession zakat management is absolutely necessary and is a key and essential factor in realizing the implementation of zakat profession. To raise awareness of the tithe among civil servants and staff of the company to do: (a) provide insight (know-how) are properly and adequately about zakat, infaq and sadaqah, both in terms of epistemology, terminology, and kedudukanya in Islam, (b) benefits (benefit) and lavatory (need) of zakat, sadaqah infaq and, especially for the culprit or the mustahiq zakat (c) there is an example of a leader. Technical charity fundraiser the most simple and easy for administrators is to cut the salaries of the employees immediately upon payment each month, by 2.5%, it is intended to facilitate the implementation of pengumpulanya.