The Pajarito Site operating procedures for the Los Alamos Critical Experiments Facility [report]

R.E. Malenfant
1991 unpublished
= DISTRi_G Tl'J)t.4OF. "."4i, ¢__3(.JCt.;MENT iS UNLIMITED Composition by Randi Bagley, Group IS-5 ,4n Affirmativt, Action/Equal Opportunity Employer Thts report was prepared as an accotlnt ot w"rk sl"msorcd t,ll an a_,'m:V ,ff the Llnited States Government. Nezther The Rq_ents "t the Univcrstty of Calih,rnia, the Utlilod States Government nor am/axenc]l thereof, nor anL oi their ¢mployecs, makes attlj ;_'arranty, express or implied, or assumes amt h'_al halTihtit or r¢.;ponsibilily h)r the
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doi:10.2172/6214012 fatcat:wok7jzyy3jhq5iqbwfexipflam