Drug Repurposing for Parkinson's Disease by Integrating Knowledge Graph Completion Model and Knowledge Fusion of Medical Literature

Xiaolin Zhang, Chao Che
2021 Future Internet  
The prevalence of Parkinson's disease increases a tremendous medical and economic burden to society. Therefore, the effective drugs are urgently required. However, the traditional development of effective drugs is costly and risky. Drug repurposing, which identifies new applications for existing drugs, is a feasible strategy for discovering new drugs for Parkinson's disease. Drug repurposing is based on sufficient medical knowledge. The local medical knowledge base with manually labeled data
more » ... tains a large number of accurate, but not novel, medical knowledge, while the medical literature containing the latest knowledge is difficult to utilize, because of unstructured data. This paper proposes a framework, named Drug Repurposing for Parkinson's disease by integrating Knowledge Graph Completion method and Knowledge Fusion of medical literature data (DRKF) in order to make full use of a local medical knowledge base containing accurate knowledge and medical literature with novel knowledge. DRKF first extracts the relations that are related to Parkinson's disease from medical literature and builds a medical literature knowledge graph. After that, the literature knowledge graph is fused with a local medical knowledge base that integrates several specific medical knowledge sources in order to construct a fused medical knowledge graph. Subsequently, knowledge graph completion methods are leveraged to predict the drug candidates for Parkinson's disease by using the fused knowledge graph. Finally, we employ classic machine learning methods to repurpose the drug for Parkinson's disease and compare the results with the method only using the literature-based knowledge graph in order to confirm the effectiveness of knowledge fusion. The experiment results demonstrate that our framework can achieve competitive performance, which confirms the effectiveness of our proposed DRKF for drug repurposing against Parkinson's disease. It could be a supplement to traditional drug discovery methods.
doi:10.3390/fi13010014 fatcat:ap4zz7skwracrhkc6m3mtjl4ia