Cloning of taxadiene synthase gene into Arabidopsis thaliana (ecotype Columbia-0)

Khani Sajjad, Mehdi Sohani Mohammad, Mahna Nasser, Barar Jaleh, Saeed Hejazi Mohammad, Nazemieh Hossein, Atashpaz Sina, Reza Dadpour Mohammad, Omidi Yadollah
2010 African Journal of Biotechnology  
The pirarucu, Arapaima gigas, which was displayed in commercial aquarium was found dead and was submitted for diagnostic examination. Bacteria from different organs of the fish were characterized using Vitek System ® 2 and showed 98% probability to Edwardsiella tarda. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) result showed positive for E. tarda gyrB gene. The 16S rRNA gene was identical and exhibited 99% sequence similarity with the other known isolates of E. tarda available in the GenBank. This paper
more » ... orts the isolation and detection of E. tarda with the gyrB gene in pirarucu, A. gigas, which was exhibited in an indoor private commercial aquarium in Seoul, South Korea.
doi:10.5897/ajb10.1417 fatcat:pevb4epai5gt7ah3czfh6hjwyq