Investigating the Impact of English Picture Books on EFL Learners Anxiety in Taiwan

Pei-Ling Yang
2019 Humanities and Social Sciences Letters  
Article History Keywords EFL learners English picture books Language anxiety Attitude Taiwan English picture books have been claimed to raise EFL learners" learning motivation and to promote independent learning and thinking. However, there is little research focusing on the effect of English picture books on tertiary learners. The study involved 25 participants; the study time was one-semester long. The instruments for the study were a set of questionnaires related to learners" background,
more » ... rs" background, perception and attitude attempting to examine respondents" attitude towards English picture books and language learning anxiety. Each participant was required to read English picture books during the class and after reading; they had to write down feedback or thoughts. On-site teacher observation and post-interviews were also conducted after the study. The findings showed a difference in language learning anxiety. They felt less anxious and more confident in learning English. This study results provide evidence that English picture books play an influencing role lowering the EFL learners" language anxiety and enhancing positive attitude towards English learning. It is suggested that English picture books can serve as good learning resources for low-proficient EFL adult learners. Contribution/Originality: Previous studies have although focused on picture books and young learners; however, in this current study, college learners" learning anxiety is the focus to examine how picture books can reduce this anxiety particularly in an EFL context and that of learners with low-proficiency.
doi:10.18488/journal.73.2019.72.56.63 fatcat:aik52msrlrgxhaqela6mfjucsu