Coherent State Combined with Mixed State for an Imperfect Boson System. I: -- Thermalization of Pure Squeezed Coherent State --

A. Kuriyama
2005 Progress of theoretical physics  
A pure squeezed coherent state is amalgamated with a mixed state for the purpose of describing bose condensation in an imperfect spinless boson system at non-zero temperature. Three types of variables are introduced: One describes the bose condensation, one describes the quantum fluctuations of a condensed pair induced by the interaction, and one describes the thermal properties. We define an entropy in association with the amalgamated state. Then, the thermal equilibrium state is defined
more » ... te is defined through a variational principle with a fixed boson number and entropy.
doi:10.1143/ptp.113.993 fatcat:gnlk6igatbavvhyonj6bjyavqy