Identifying WeChat Message Types without Using Traditional Traffic

Qiang Zhang, Ming Xu, Ning Zheng, Tong Qiao, Yaru Wang
2019 Information  
Attackers can eavesdrop and exploit user privacy by classifying traffic into different types of in-app service usage to identify user actions. WeChat is the largest social messaging platform, which is a popular application in China. When WeChat is shut down, it is unable to generate traffic; that is, traditional traffic. However, the traffic still can be generated by system. How to identify the message types within WeChat with traffic generated by a system instead of traditional traffic becomes
more » ... nal traffic becomes a new challenge. To deal with this challenge, we designed a system to identify and analyze the traffic of the Apple Push Notification service (APNs) to identify the message types of WeChat. In detail, we designed a system to identify and analyze the traffic of the APNs. First, the system clusters the traffic based on the session and divides it into multiple bursts. Then, it extracts the features of each burst and sends these features to the learning-based classifier to extract APNs's traffic from the background traffic. Finally, it uses a hash-based lookup table method to analyze message types from APNs traffic. Extensive evaluation results show that we can accurately identify the six message types of APN and WeChat. In addition, we propose two coping strategies for the method proposed in this article.
doi:10.3390/info11010018 fatcat:s52ibrw4o5btjnqyvybedt5zhi