Traditional systems for preventing and treating animal diseases in Sri Lanka

H D Piyadasa
1994 Rev Sci Tech Off Int Epizoot  
Systems for preventing and treating animal diseases have been employed in Sri Lanka since ancient times, long before the advent of modern veterinary science. Many such methods have been used, mainly in ruminants but also in trained elephants. Records of animal treatments can be found in historical documents. The first recorded treatment is that of the elephant 'Kadol Etha' belonging to King Dutugemunu (161-137 BC). Later, the physician King Buddhadasa (AD 340-368) is reported to have operated
more » ... a snake. The methods and experience gained by practitioners have usually been passed on in secrecy from father to son. However, records on ola leaf manuscripts are available for consultation in the National Museum and the Ayurvedic Research Institute, while others are in the possession of native veterinary practitioners. Approximately 2,000 practitioners are scattered throughout the island; the majority treat animals on a part-time basis. The marking of animals using brands in symbolic shapes, inhalation of medicinal fumes and oral medication are the common treatment methods.
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