Laws of viability of industrial enterprises

Volodymyr Buhai, Zaporizhzhia National University, Anna Horbunova, Hoar Hevorhian, Zaporizhzhia National University, Zaporizhzhia National University
2020 Visnik Zaporiz'kogo nacional'nogo universitetu. Ekonomicni nauki  
In the conditions of the new transformational processes, the state of the industry becomes crucial, as one of the leading branches of the domestic economy will ensure the economic growth of the country. Having a powerful intellectual and technological potential, the industry is the basis of development not only of the domestic market of Ukraine, but also it is the expansion of the external market, ensuring its competitiveness. However, the industry in Ukraine is in the deep crisis, almost a
more » ... d of enterprises in Ukraine are on the brink of survival. The study of the mechanism and viability of business entities are actual for overcoming of this situation. It has been established that the viability of enterprises is formed under the action of the law of synergy, the law of self-preservation, the law of development. At the same time, the main forms of their viability are the life-saving (the functioning of the enterprise requires the introduction of anti-crisis mechanisms) of life support (ensures the maintenance of a certain level of economic activity, allows the balance of internal inconsistency) viable development (the adaptability of the enterprise is such that it ensures independent functioning regardless of changes in external conditions). It has been revealed that the model of a viable enterprise has the following interrelated subsystems: operations implementation; coordination; control; controlling and development; economic policy-making. The role of static and dynamic equilibrium in the viability of the enterprise was analysed. It is found that its potential for development in static conditions is limited, unlike the dynamic conditions of operation. In this case, a stable balance of positive and negative factors has been formed in accordance with unstable and stable balance. The mechanism of formation of a state of stable equilibrium has been characterized by the fact that if the negative impact on the enterprise does not exceed a certain limit, it will quickly adapt to new conditions and return to a stable position. The unstable functioning of the enterprise can be caused by psychological factors, which makes it difficult to establish long-term partnership relations, provide loans, allocate investments. According to the model of dynamic development, the enterprise has been considered as a "social organism", which is the result of human activity based on knowledge, teamwork, that is, the internal factor of development. ЗАКОНИ ЖИТТЄЗДАТНОСТІ ПРОМИСЛОВИХ ПІДПРИЄМСТВ Бугай В.З., Горбунова А.В., Геворгян Г.А.
doi:10.26661/2414-0287-2020-1-45-02 fatcat:7j7ige6opfal3mo3nvyplgjp3m