IGF- I induced growth and metatasis suppressed by calycosin via STAT3/ BATF2/ NF-κB /FOXM1 in colorectal cancer cells [post]

Qun Wang, Weijun Lu, Li Lu, Guoliang Pi, Wu Dong De, Shaozhong Wei
2021 unpublished
To determine whether up-regulation of BATF2 by calycosin suppresses IGF- I induced growth and metastasis in human CRC,Cells were cultured and treated with calycosin and IGF-I. Protein and mRNA levels were determined by western-blot and real-time PCR respectively. Cell migration and invasion were assessed by transwell experiments. Apoptosis was measured by Flow cytometry. Cell proliferation was evaluated by the MTT assay.Co-immunoprecipitation and luciferase assays were used to analyze the
more » ... ction between BATF2 and MAT2Aand FOXM1.Cytoimmunofluorescence staining was applied for β-catenin and FOXM1 cellular localization.As results,Calycosin induced the up-regulation of BATF2 antagonized by IGF- I via STAT3, STAT1and NF-κB pathways resulting in cell apoptosis promotion via increasing BAX/Bcl-2 ratio subsequent contribute to caspase-3 and caspase-9 release. IGF- I induced cell migration,invasion and EMT suppressed by calycosin via BATF2 to block FOXM1 mediated β-catenin nuclear accumulation in three CRC cells. IGF- I induced cell proliferation was inhibited by calycosin down-regulating MAT2A and FOXM1. IGF-I and calycosin impacted MAT2A on transcriptional level. BATF2 interated with MAT2A and FOXM1 directly.We believed up-regulation of BATF2 may be a practicable treatment strategy for suppression IGF-1 induced growth and metatasis in CRC.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-530214/v1 fatcat:mzwvdhim2vdbxbsqn6t2hdd5si