pedagogical content knowledgeの特質と意義
A Study on the Features of Pedagogical Content Knowledge and its Implications

1996 Research Journal of Educational Methods  
The author examines the features of pedagogical content knowledge ( pck >and its irnplications . Pck was first contrived by L, S. Shuhnan . He was indicated pck as very important knowledge among teacher knowledge base. Pck is combineCl knowledge , including knowledge of content , pedagogy and knowledge of the learner ' s conceptions and preconceptions , including misconceptions . And pck is invented by teacher who will teach some topics, Pck is producted 亡 hrough the process of pedagogical
more » ... of pedagogical reasoning ( pr) . Shulman especially emphasized transformation in tha亡 process . Transformation is constituted by fotlr process , preparation , representa ・ tion, selection and adaptation & tailoring to student characteristics . The features of pck is as follows . ( 1) pck is amalgam of some knowledge pck is preducted through pr which is the problem − solved process ( 3) pck is special forms of teacher knowledge which indicates the features of professional aspects of teaching The implication of pck from point of teacher education , is the next two points , ( 1)pck points out the importarlce of the courses of content and method ( 2) pck indicates the needs of means for ' apprenticeship of observation ' formed before entering the teacher education program The contents are as follows . 1. Introduction 2. Shulman ' s pck and its formation process 3.
doi:10.18971/nasemjournal.21.0_67 fatcat:amb4qb7kdfhfjohgxuubpdwo3u