Geometrical aspects in optical wave-packet dynamics

Masaru Onoda, Shuichi Murakami, Naoto Nagaosa
2006 Physical Review E  
We construct a semiclassical theory for propagation of an optical wavepacket in non-conducting media with periodic structures of dielectric permittivity and magnetic permeability, i.e., non-conducting photonic crystals. We employ a quantum-mechanical formalism in order to clarify its link to those of electronic systems. It involves the geometrical phase, i.e., Berry phase, in a natural way, and describes an interplay between orbital motion and the internal rotation. Based on the above theory,
more » ... discuss the geometrical aspects of the optical Hall effect. We also consider a reduction of the theory to a system without periodic structure and apply it to the transverse shift at an interface reflection/refraction. For generic incident beams with elliptic polarizations, an identical result for the transverse shift of each reflected/transmitted beam is given by the following different approaches; (i) analytic evaluation of wavepacket dynamics, (ii) total angular momentum (TAM) conservation for individual photons, and (iii) numerical simulation of wavepacket dynamics. It is consistent with a result by classical electrodynamics. This means that the TAM conservation for individual photons is already taken into account in wave optics, i.e, classical electrodynamics. Finally, we show an application of our theory to a two-dimensional photonic crystal, and propose an optimal design for the enhancement of the optical Hall effect in photonic crystals.
doi:10.1103/physreve.74.066610 pmid:17280165 fatcat:kjzwqy576bgwfgz5p765gjy6m4