Wirkung von Phononen, die durch Alpha- Strahlen erzeugt werden, auf schwach gebundene Ladungsträger / Release of trapped charge carriers by phonons generated by alpha-particles

N. Riehl, A. Müller, R. Wengert
1973 Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung A-A Journal of Physical Sciences  
It was shown in previous papers that trapped charge carriers can be used at low temperatures for detection and free path determination of single phonons. Using this method it is shown now that because of the high phonon density of a phonon pulse generated by one alpha-particle the action of such phonons on trapped charge carriers is mostly a multiphonon action so that the carriers can be released from trap depths which are much greater than the energy of a single phonon. Because of the great
more » ... e paths of phonons at low temperatures this action can take place in distances up to 1 mm from the path of the alpha-particle itself.
doi:10.1515/zna-1973-0629 fatcat:zqiyfrxywjfddiblf4xng424ui