Implications of the electroweak precision data: a 1996 update

S. Dittmaier, D. Schildknecht
1997 Physics Letters B  
The most reliable prediction for the Higgs-boson mass, M_H, is obtained in a fit to the leptonic Z-resonance observables Gamma_l and swbar^2 combined with the W-boson mass, M_W, and top-quark mass, m_t, measurements. The corresponding bounds on M_H are independent of potential uncertainties related to R_b, R_c, and alpha_s(M_Z^2), and they are not significantly further improved by including also the experimental information on the inclusive (hadronic and total) Z-boson decays. At the 1sigma
more » ... . At the 1sigma level, we obtain M_H<360GeV using swbar^2(LEP+SLD) and M_H<540GeV using swbar^2(LEP). Our analysis in terms of effective parameters confirms previous conclusions with increased accuracy. In the mass parameter, Delta x, and the mixing parameter, epsilon, pure fermion loops are sufficient, while for the coupling parameter, Delta y, (M_H-insensitive) bosonic contributions are essential for consistency with experiment, thus providing indirect empirical evidence for the non-Abelian structure of the theory.
doi:10.1016/s0370-2693(96)01498-0 fatcat:5sa45btzdrgxfickl5zop37qiy