Kultūriniai lietuviškumo vaizdiniai Aušroje ir moksliniai kontekstai

Auksuolė Čepaitienė
2019 Lietuvos Etnologija (Lithuanian ethnology)  
The article analyses cultural meanings of images of Lithuanianness, as represented in the publications of the first illegal Lithuanian newspaper Aušra (published 1883 to 1886), and their relation to scientific contexts. The past and language and daba (culture) are considered as thematic fields and sources of images that participate in creating the Lithuanians' story of 'themselves'. Their instrumental capacities are different, although the 19thcentury proto-disciplinary integrity of
more » ... history, ethnology and anthropology justifies their implicit interconnectedness. The article also suggests that images of forest and hill-fort encompass the idea of social and cultural evolution, and the understanding of culture as being dynamic. Key words: image of Lithuanianness, symbolic structure, scientific knowledge, theory of evolution, the Lithuanians' story of themselves.
doi:10.33918/25386522-1928006 fatcat:dpkwbk7qwjavbjo4djhfmsgc3m